Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Causing Commotion In Philly!

When the Philadelphia Eagles exiled Donovan McNabb to Washington in the offseason they assumed the Kevin Kolb would assume the throne as leader of the team as the starting quarterback. A suspect offensive line and a perhaps not ready for prime time Kolb have thrown a wrench in the Eagles succession plans. Kolb suffered a concussion in the game Sunday against the Green Bay Packers, and someone named Michael Vick came off the bench and nearly lead the Eagles to victory.

Vick at times looked like the Vick of old, with the same blazing speed and arm strength. Clearly Kolb is the future in Philly but Vick may have a chance to start Sunday against the Detroit Lions and at least for a short period of time cause head coach Andy Reid a few sleepless nights and a mild quarterback controversy for his team.


Anonymous said...

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