Thursday, May 6, 2010

Illinois Rejects School Vouchers!

The Chicago Sun-Times reports on the fact that the state of Illinois rejected Sen. James Meeks' legislation to enact a school voucher system in the state of Illinois. The Chicago Teachers Union opposed the legislation and contributed to the defeat. Approval of the legislation would've given up to 30,000 students from low performing schools the opportunity to use vouchers to attend private schools in the area.

While I'm a supporter of the public school system, the system is broken and continues to falter leaving thousands of students without the opportunity to gain a first rate education at better quality schools. A voucher system would at least give students with potential the chance to go against the best and brightest and probably excel. While it's not impossible for a student from an inner city public school system to have academic success, the obstacles in the way make it more of a challenge.

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