Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Is L.A. Reid In Trouble?

L.A. Reid, the CEO of Island Def Jam is one of the most powerful men in the music business, but the economic climate of the hasn't shielded him from rumors that his job may be in jeopardy. I'm sure Reid, who is known for his penchant to make hits would have to admit that his recent track record in that area leaves a lot to be desired. Recent releases by Rihanna and Mariah Carey have struggled, so he's obviously searching for that next big release.

Page Six reports that Reid asked out of a speech at a Billboard symposium last week because he didn't want to address questions about his job status. Reid's people say his absence was due to a family personal issue. Reid has an over 20 year history of creating hits, but clearly he has to adjust to the economic realities of the music business and probably reign in expenses while generating hits. He also probably needs to let the old guard go and bring in some new fresh talent.

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