Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Flash Mobs In Philadelphia!

Flash mobs is the new term used to describe rowdy mostly African-American teens who are terrorizing Philadelphia residents in an increasingly more frequent manner. The latest episode occurred this past Saturday night on Philly's South Street area wreaking havoc on innocent residents who were trying to have a good time. The frequency of the attacks is alarming on several levels and scary in terms a city not being able to control teenagers who for some reason are getting a rush out of this new form of recreation.


Anonymous said...

I dont understand...what do they do? Beat people????

Anonymous said...

Well, here blacks folks are again, being their own worst enemy. And pretty soon curfews will be enforced, then blacks will be barred from certain areas, then an innocent black person will be beaten as a pre-emptive strike, and then, lo and behold, the noose and the sheets will be back.
Black folks, it ain't no game, get yourselves in line, in church, in school, and stop being so damn low!

Unknown said...

i would not suggest one blame young black youth for any impending white racist attacks. as it is, these have been played up and exaggerated and racialized by the mainstream press just like we see in the Daily News all the time.