Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Can He Win It?

Tiger Woods announced yesterday that he is officially returning to golf at the Masters Golf Tournament next month after a nearly 5 month self imposed sabbatical to deal with his personal issues. Now that he's returning, the question for Mr. Woods is does he have a chance to win the tournament. If Woods' past performance after extended breaks is an indication, it will be difficult for him to win. However, who would ever bet against the greatest golfer in the world.


Anonymous said...

This is a steppin' fetchin' clown. I don't care if he wins. He has been so emasculated. He was forced to apologize for his sexual peccadilloes to the world. That should have been between him and his wife.NOBODY ELSE.
But, now if your wife is blond and blue eyed, and you are far from that, then yes, you have to ask massa permission to be with your wife. your own wife.

Anonymous said...