Thursday, February 18, 2010

Welcome Back Eldrick!

Eldrick "Tiger" Woods reemerged from months of hiding yesterday allowing what appears to be a photo-op with him running with an unidentified man. Tiger will give a statement to selected persons of the press tomorrow morning but will not take questions. Already Tiger is being criticized for controlling how he reenters public life. Tiger already has paid dearly with his reputation being shredded due to his admitted indiscretions. He hasn't broken any laws of our land, and if he wants to make a statement without taking questions that's his right.

Personally I just want to see Tiger hit a golf ball. How he handles the situation with his family is entirely his business, and if he only wants to apologize and move on, he should be allowed.

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Anonymous said...

He not only married a white woman, but was screwin' like what, 10. He shoulda known, but, hey, I guess since he is "Blasian", his father never told him that white women will get your azz killed!!
Did he really think white folks were going to let a black athlete keep $1B? Oh, but I keep forgettin', he ain't black!!