Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kwame Must Live The High Life According To Attorney!

Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick wasn't able to make his $79,000 restitution payment last Friday, but money orders were sent in by unnamed donors totaling roughly $35,000 according to the Detroit Free Press. This information came to light as Kilpatrick's attorney Daniel Hajji wrote a 14 page motion in an effort to postpone Kilpatrick's probation violation hearing as a result of not paying the restitution. Also during the motion, Hajji made the claim that the ex-mayor has to live lavishly because of the $120,000 base salary job that he has for Covisint, a subsidiary of Compuware.

I'm trying to understand this logic, Kwame Kilpatrick costs the city of Detroit millions of dollars, lives in a million dollar house in Dallas, has hundreds of thousands of dollars funnelled through bank accounts, does jail time and still gets a 6 figure job, has friends paying $35,000 towards his restitution payments. Only in America!


DC Debutante said...

Sounds like a young Marion Barry!

Anonymous said...

He kinda old to be such a spoiled brat!
Throw him in the slammer, NOW!!