Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kwame Must Pay Detroit $320K In 90 Days!

Yesterday a judge ordered former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrack to pay $320,000 within 90 days or risk being returned to jail for failing to honor his restitution payments in a timely manner while apparently living a lavish lifestyle with his family in a Dallas suburb. Kilpatrick, who had a 5 year period to repay $1 million, also had that term reduced to 4 years. Kilpatrick was accompanied by high powered attorney Willie Gary at yesterday's proceedings, but obviously Gary's presence didn't help his cause. Kilpatrick is finally being treated like a regular person instead of a superstar politician. The Detroit Free Press provides additional details on the proceedings.


Anonymous said...

A big spoiled crook from a family of big spoiled crooks.

Anonymous said...

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