Friday, January 15, 2010

Is It Possible Marvin Harrison Couldn't Escape His Demons?

Imagine being one of the greatest wide receivers in the NFL, and destined for the Hall of Fame based on your football achievements, but your family lineage just took over your soul and leads you down a life of crime similar to your father and half brothers. We could be talking about just about anyone in the NFL who came from humble beginnings, but took advantage of God given talent to make a success of himself. Former NFL wide receiver Marvin Harrison meets that description as he used his athletic talent to rise to the top level of NFL wide receivers.

Harrison's life turned upside down on April 29, 2008 in his old North Philadelphia neighborhood when he allegedly got into a shootout with an old neighborhood nemesis. Long story short, Harrison has never been charged, but casings from the scene match a gun he admitted to owning. The Philadelphia DA at the time did not file charges, but everyone is lurking now with this excellent GQ article going into even more detail regarding the incident and the fact that the nemesis was eventually gunned down in his car.

Word came yesterday that the FBI is now looking into the Harrison incident. I'm not sure how all of this is going to end, but if it ends badly for Harrison, it will be due to him not being able to leave the old neighborhood and escape his demons.

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Anonymous said...

When are these ballers going to go legit with the violence?
Get arms training, apply for a permit, and buy/carry a gun legally.
The name of the game is protection. Not whether he could escape the 'hood. Hey, the dude should be able to visit the neighborhood and leave alive. Can't fault the dude, it was him or his nemesis.