Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vince Young, Back From Oblivion!

Just over a year ago Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young was ready to be left in the junk pile as a quarterback in the NFL. Despite being the previous season's Rookie of the Year, Young was considered a bust and his sanity was even questioned by the national media.

Last night Young led the Titans to their 4th straight victory, and now he's the toast of the town again. Young, was was a high school star in Houston and a college star at the University of Texas, is showing the world that his sanity is just fine and that he can indeed play quarterback in the "league." It's good to see that Vince Young overcame his obstacles from last year, and is playing well. It appears that he only needed time to sit on the sidelines and learn from a veteran like Kerry Collins before reclaiming his starters role. Any confidence that he lost during his struggles, he's regained and now appears ready to take the Titans on his shoulders into future successes.


Tony Pike said...

Vince Young has gone 5-0 since he took over the team and won 9 consecutive games. He certainly has turned things around 180 degrees since last season.

rakeback said...

Vince turned things around 180 degrees from where he was last season, and its good to see that he has the full confidence of his teammates. He doesnt throw the ball well, but he finds a way to win games.