Thursday, November 19, 2009

Jermaine Dupri Probably Still Laughing!

If Jermaine Dupri was watching his ex-girlfriend Janet Jackson's interview with Robin Roberts last night he probably had a couple of laughs. He stated on Twitter that he was mixing Usher records so obviously he didn't lose any sleep on Janet stating that they're no longer a couple but good friends. Janet really didn't want to deal with the JD question and seemed a little coy when responding. Since the two have been seen together in recent months, Janet's probably telling the world to mind their own business and that her and Jermaine are just fine.

Janet mastered her brother Michael's skill of not really saying much in a 45 minute interview, and the fact that she has the most beautiful smile makes it all easy to digest. Good to see JJ moving on with her life and career and just doing her. She's a legend who deserves peace.

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