Friday, October 30, 2009

Kwame Kilpatrick Still Rolling In The Money!

It's amazing what power and influence can get you even when you've served time in jail for committing a felony offense while being the mayor of a major city. Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was in a Detroit courtroom yesterday testifying regarding his inability to keep up payments on the $1 million in restitution that he promised to pay back to the city as part of the text messaging scandal. Somehow Kilpatrick and his wife have managed to run over $1 million through their personal bank accounts while receiving close to $300,000 in loans from major businessmen as Roger Penske and Dan Gilbert according to the Detroit Free Press since he was in jail.

Kilpatrick of course has amnesia regarding where all the money is coming from, but clearly being an ex-mayor has it's privileges. Kilpatrick and his family now live in the Dallas area and Kilpatrick works for a medical supply company. Only in America as Don King would say, and people wonder why everyone is cynical about politics.

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