Friday, October 23, 2009

Does Magic Get A Pass On This One?

Magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas were once kissing buddies on the basketball court and best friends off of it. Something changed in the relationship at some point, fracturing it beyond repair. That moment was probably when Isiah established himself as close to Magic's equal on the basketball court and "big brother" Magic couldn't accept it.

Their duels on the basketball court took place 20 years ago, so it's interesting now that Johnson is releasing a book in which he dedicates quite a few pages to his friendship with Thomas. Magic asserts that it was Thomas who began spreading rumors that Johnson was possibly gay or bisexual after he contracted the HIV virus. Magic states that the rumors hurt him to his core, but he never took the time to tell Isiah how he felt. Thomas now feels betrayed by the new revelation, and states that Magic should've stepped to him as a man with his issues.

Magic Johnson post basketball has established himself as a successful businessman and ad pitchman. I'm sure he will smile his way out of this latest controversy with everyone taking Johnson's version as the truth. Thomas' reputation has taken major hits over the last few years, and this is just another blow for him. Too bad Johnson will probably get a pass for reopening old wounds with his once best friend.