Sunday, September 6, 2009

Van Jones Finally Resigns!

It's not a good sign when your "Green Czar's" most controversial comments can be Googled for the world to see and hear and really not a good sign when the White House didn't give Van Jones a vote of confidence this week. Very quietly, Van Jones resigned from his position with the Obama administration this morning.

Jones had come under fire from Republicans and talk show host Glenn Beck for his comments from calling George Bush an unflattering name to his name appearing on a 9/11 petition questioning whether high level government officials had allowed the attacks to happen.

President Obama erred in a major way on the appointment of Jones, and even with his resignation, conservative pundits will be armed with more ammunition to challenge Obama's true views as they see them. The other interesting part of this story is that the mainstream media really didn't cover the Jones' story until this weekend. The best thing for the President to do would be to compromise on health care reform, even if it's watered down, get it passed and move on with running the country.


SjP said...

This resignation comes as no surprise.

constant gina said...

I guarantee plenty of Obama haters are rejoicing right about now!

james williams said...

I think they were stupid for letting this guy go.

Lisa said...

I can't believe he resigned. No body is perfect but you have to have a real tough skin to be in politics.