Monday, September 21, 2009

Pulling For Delonte West!

I was very sad to hear the report that Cleveland Cavaliers guard Delonte West, who suffers from a bi-polar disorder, was pulled over for speeding on his motorcycle on Friday in Maryland and was carrying what seemed like an arsenal of loaded firearms. West is facing potential jail time now, and this arrest could jeopardize his career. The Cavaliers may need to shut West down for an extended period of time. While he'll likely be facing suspension by the NBA, time away from the game is probably what he needs as he battles his personal demons.

This is not a case like Paxico Burress where he simply made a bad decision. West is dealing with a severe mental disorder while trying to navigate the life of a millionaire athlete. Cavs please do the right thing, and shut Delonte down for awhile. Team wins are not as important as Delonte West's mental well being.

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