Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Black Philly Officers Want Ban of Domelights.com

Black Philadelphia Police Officers are calling for an immediate ban of the website Domelights.com because of the racial rants being displayed allegedly by white police officers while at work according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. The Guardian Civic league has sued the Police Department, the site, and it's founder in federal court charging that the site contains racist material. The site was started by "McQ" who is active duty sergeant Sgt. Fred McQuiggan. Looking at the site I found the following post:

Do you know why most fallen officers are white? They are the first to show.. there not the lazy ones ...God bless the fallen

All I can say about this site is that it will surely bring solidarity to a police force trying to fight crime in one of the toughest city's in the country. I would think that anyone making posts on city computers should face disciplinary action. Interesting that the mayor and police chief in Philly are both black.

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