Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mark Cuban! Do The Right Thing!

Mark Cuban is a self made billionaire, and up until the the last week one of the coolest owners in sports. Cuban is one of the most passionate owners in the NBA, constantly feuding with commissioner David Stern over something that he feels isn't fair and affects his team the Dallas Mavericks. However Cuban's behavior in the last week is highly questionable and over the top regardless of wealth and status.

Depending on which version you believe, Cuban told Denver Nugget Kenyon Martin's mother that her son was a thug. This set the fans of Dallas into a frenzy which led them to verbally harass parents, fiance's and wives of the visiting Denver Nuggets on Tuesday night. Cuban has since apologized, but he did it via his blog instead of personal apology. Cuban and the Mavs misery will end tonight when the Nuggets unleash their frustrations on the Mavericks in Denver. I hope Cuban does personally apologize to all persons who were harassed. It's just the right thing to do.

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