Thursday, April 2, 2009

Could It Be Over For The Answer?

Mercurial guard Allen Iverson has had a Hall of Fame basketball career, but with the wear and tear of years of pounding on his small frame have led him to a crossroads in her career. Iverson, who now plays for the Detroit Pistons has logged 18 minutes in his last 2 games while coming of the bench, and he's none too happy about it. In typical Iverson form, he's complaining about lack of playing time and venting to anyone who will listen. Iverson is a free agent after the season, and truthfully his days as a superstar are probably over, which is tough for any elite athlete to accept. He has hinted to possibly retiring, but I doubt if that's a realistic option with millions of dollars still out there to be made.

Mr. Iverson, welcome to the real world, where you're only as useful as long as you viable and useful to your employer. Hopefully you've banked a good portion of your millions just in case you really do decide to retire.

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