Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Farrakhan Speaks On President Obama!

Minister Louis Farrakhan spoke over the weekend at the Nation of Islam's annual Savior's Day convention in Chicago. The Chicago Sun-Times reports that the Minister told nearly 14,000 followers that "There's an energy among our people that has never been seen before, never produced by any man or organization before," "But we must not allow our people to live in a false world of euphoria. We must accept our responsibility to build our communities."

Farrakhan's words should resonate amongst the entire black community. Feeding off Obama's energy, we will have to make it on our own, as we attempt to keep our communities from falling into further turmoil. We don't have a stimulus package that will rescue us from sure oblivion for our communities. Now is the time to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and make it work any way that we can.

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