Friday, December 5, 2008

Los Angeles School Superintendent Brewer Under Fire

Los Angeles School Board Superintendent David L. Brewer has been under constant attack by members of the school board, and received lukewarm support from the mayor has he fights to save his job. Brewer, who essentially relinquished control of running the school system to Ramon C. Cortines months ago is now seen as a figurehead, but the school board failed to get the necessary votes to oust Brewer on Tuesday, and now Brewer's support amongst African Americans political leaders has gained traction. The Los Angeles Times reports on the standoff that Brewer has caused due to ineffective leadership as viewed in some circles. Brewer has given an interview to the Los Angeles Daily News regarding his situation, and has pledged to serve out the remaining 2 years of his contract.

The Los Angeles School System is the second largest in the country, and Brewer hails from a military background. $300,000 a year in salary is a lot of money to pay a figurehead if that's what Brewer really is to the school system.

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