Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Final Round

Well the final presidential debate took place last night at Hofstra Universtiy. This debate was more entertaining that the previous 2 simply because Sen. John McCain seemed to be contentious and chaotic at the same time. While Sen. Barack Obama continued to exude coolness with measured responses, McCain seemed to be all over the place with his responses. One moment he's touting his economic plan, then venturing off to the Obama/Ayers association then detouring to Obama's voting record in the Illinois Senate.

Obama did his best bob and weave throughout the debate, and was solid if not spectacular. McCain who is presently behind in all polling data just appears to be an angry man. While he was respectful to Obama during the debate, he failed to mention him by name during his closing remarks. It didn't appear that the slight was intentional, I just think that McCain lost his train of thought, and was ready to leave.

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Anonymous said...

Hahahahahah Funny!!! Where is Joe the Plummer!!! hahahahaha