Thursday, September 11, 2008

Christine Beatty Deciding On Plea Deal

My Detroit updates are a little slow, and this may be old news, but Christine Beatty, Kwame Kilpatrick's former Chief of Staff was mulling a plea deal that would include jail time as of yesterday according to the Detroit Free Press.

Although Kwame Kilpatrick resigned last week, and Beatty did play a major role in the text messaging scandal, it really seems like she's been harmed far more than Kilpatrick in this mess.

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Anonymous said...

The Mayor was in a position of authority over her, he abused his authority and obtained sexual favors from her, at a time when she was a political appointee whose livelihood depended on the whim of the Mayor, and the Mayor's misconduct resulted in adverse employment action being taken against her, i.e. arrested, charged, etc.
That is the definition of sexual harassment.

This is a true sexual harassment case and I think Christine Beatty should sue the city, county, and the Mayor for sexual harassment and back pay that should be owed her. I'm a white suburban woman and I'm sick over what is happening to Christine Beatty.