Sunday, August 17, 2008

Gerren Doing Just Fine Despite Her Short Fashion Career

Today, Gerren Taylor, is well know for participating in the BET reality series Baldwin Hills. This Friday, Gerren will be profiled in the documentary "America the Beautiful", which opens in the Los Angeles area. The documentary was directed by filmmaker Darryl Roberts. The Los Angeles Times profiles Gerren's meteoric rise as a model at 12 years old, to her not receiving any calls to model a year later, and being told that because she's 6 feet tall with a 38 inch waist she's too being to model.

Now 18 and entering her final year of high school, Gerren is a promising volleyball player. She still models occasionally, but now has set her sights on attending college and majoring in psychology. Watching her promising modeling career grind to a halt did leave Gerren with self esteem issues, but with the help of her mother and her church, Gerren appears to be as well adjusted as an 18 year old can be who's 6 feet tall. Hopefully Gerren will be a role model for other young black females who have seen their dreams derailed, only to resurface stronger and more focused on achieving their future goals.

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