Sunday, June 8, 2008

Jill Scott - Greatness Divine

Jill Scott, the quintessential artist, has blessed us with her talent as a singer, writer, author, actress, philanthropist and now designer. She's allowed us to live in her world of honesty, and peer into the depths of her soul.

Jill Scott didn't take the typical road to success (she was 28 when she released her first cd). She records on a small label, Hidden Beach Records, so she doesn't receive the large promotional dollars that accompany many artists. Despite limited promotion, all of Jill's Cd's except 2004s "Collaborations" have been certified Gold. Jill's concert tours have become legendary and allow her to benefit from a solid fan base that can continue to sustain her career. Many artists today adopt the cookie cutter approach to stardom, rising like a shooting star and then heading into obscurity after dismal sales of their latest CD. Jill's approach of developing and cultivating her talent, along with self confidence has allowed her to seamlessly move into other areas of success.

As a philanthropist, Jill Scott is the founder of the Blue Babe Foundation that assists young minorities with college expenses as long as a minimum GPA is maintined. Residents of Philadelphia, Camden, NJ and the Greater Delaware Valley can benefit from the foundation.

Greatness is always open to interpretation, and Miss Scott probably hasn't given us her best performance, but we have to be thankful that she is allowing us to peer into her world of divine greatness.

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