Saturday, June 28, 2008

Aftermath of The BET Awards

The BET Awards were rebroadcast last night after originally airing this past Tuesday evening. The telecast displayed the positive and negative images that currently dominate the entertainment landscape in the black community. The positive images from he show:
  • Alicia Keys - She continues to perform as a future legend and is mature beyond her years.
  • Ne-Yo - The Babyface of his generation. Consummate hitmaker and performer.
  • Rihanna - Great performance and poise for one so young.
  • The Al Green Tribute: You can't go wrong with Jill Scott, Anthony Hamilton and Maxwell performing your hits. Good to see Maxwell back performing.

The lowlights of the show all follow former NBA player turned NBA commentator Mark Jackson's favorite phrase, "You're Better Than That":

  • Usher
  • Keyshia Cole
  • Chris Brown
  • All the Hip Hop Performers

I'm still amazed when I see performers who have had major levels of success give subpar performances. Usher, Keyshia Cole and Chris Brown fall into this category. I'm equally dismayed when I see hip hop performers who have had similar levels of success in their genre, give performances that go to the core of the worst stereotypes relating to our black culture. It's really unnecessary.

Kanye West called himself the King on Tuesday evening. Kanye, if you're the King of Hip Hop please take your rightful place on the throne and guide your knights. Kanye West is too smart and talented to be satisfied with the images being displayed in hip hop. In the words of Mark Jackson, "You're Better Than That", and as role models for today's youth all of hip hop has a responsibility more than ever to display positive images that uplift our children and society.

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8000g said...

Wow, I am really disappointed/sad to know that you look up to these people as role models or even consider them role models. As a young female in the NOW generation, I would NEVER consider any entertainer my role model. My role models are my mother, my father, my grandmother, you get the point. As for the awards show, on a scale of 1 to 10, I would give it a 7. Some entertainers shined, others, not so much. Lil Kim looked a mess as usual. Chris Brown, Jermaine Dupree and Ciara rocked it. As did Lil Wayne in the end. Overall, I enjoyed the BET awards show.