Thursday, May 29, 2008


I'd like to introduce everyone to, which will include news and commentary related to African Americans. We will focus on social issues, politics, sports and entertainment with the hope of creating a constructive dialogue amongst us. I'd like to leave you with a few things to ponder:
What If:
  • Barack Obama has left Trinity Church after 10 years?
  • Our Inner City School systems were really efficient and effective?
  • Inner City teachers could really teach without fear of violence?
  • Our prominent African American leaders hadn't become millionaires on our backs? would they have the fire that Malcolm and Martin had in the 60s?

Next Moves:

  • Hillary's next move!
  • Mayors of Philly and Chicago. What's the plan to stop the violence?
  • Will Michael Jackson ever perform again before a live audience?
  • Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis!!! We need another hit.
  • Janet!!! Same thing.

Miscellaneous Items:

  • Is Whoopi Goldberg becoming more relevant than Oprah in her second career?
  • What are the jurors at the R. Kelly trial really thinking?
  • Can we now call Keyshia Cole a superstar after 2 double platinum cds and a successful reality show?
  • Why was Jill Scott's last cd not at least platinum?
  • If Tupac were alive, what would he say about the state of hip hop?
  • Can Whitney really come back?
  • Do black people really need welfare?
  • Is Beyonce the greatest female performer of all time?
  • Can Usher top Confessions?
  • When will black people admit that mental illness is a disease and not something that can be ignored. Is this our "silent killer"?

I look forward to sharing news and commnetary with all of you, and look forward to your comments. Let's Change the World!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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